cancellation policy

Cancellation Policy


  1. On an order cancelled by Micro Center India, due to Unavailability, natural calamity, failed quality checks, color mismatch, the customer will get refund of 100% of the cart value. Gateway charges* (if any) collected by our payment gateway partners is NON-REFUNDABLE and will be collected from the Customer.

  2. A cancellation request from a customer will be honored, in case of Micro Center India is unable to satisfy the order with the same product.

  3. In case of any order cancelled from customer’s end, which has a value below 2000, the total Cart value will be refunded to the customer’s Micro Wallet account.

  4. Without these reasons and NO ORDER will be cancelled from CUSTOMERS’ END after a successful payment.

  • *Gateway Charges collected by our Payment Gateway partners, are calculated by the GATEWAY PARTNERS, Micro Center India has no part in what Gateway Fees charged from their end.
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